6th Grade

Family and Consumer Sciences

11.2 Balancing Family, Work, and Community Responsibility

11.2.6 – 6th Grade

  • A – Contrast the solutions reached through the use of a simple decision making process that includes analyzing consequences of alternative solutions against snap decision making methods.
  • B – Deduce the importance of time management skills (e.g. home, school, recreational activities).
  • C – Classify the components of effective teamwork and leadership.
  • D – Describe positive and negative interactions within patterns of interpersonal communications.

    • Placating
    • Blaming
    • Distracting
    • Intellectualizing
    • Asserting


    How to apply these standards at Twolick Valley Nursery Fall Fest:

    When the corn maze comes around each year, it is easy to compare & contrast a maze to the adventure that is life.  Decisions have to be made, often in confusing situations.  Sometimes we have a chance to analyze, other times snap decisions are made.  When exploring the maze with a team, the components of effective teamwork and leadership quickly become evident.  Time management becomes a lesson when the students are given a time limit to complete the maze (which also adds to the complexity of decision making and teamwork).  Having a discussion upon returning to class would give the students a fantastic opportunity to discuss positive and negative interactions as they worked through the maze as a team.  Hands on learning!